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How to Listen to the Tele-Conference on
How to Keep Your Website Running
Smoothly and Profitably, with
Marketing Experts Paul Hartunian,
Bob Serling and Pamela Yellen...

Step 1: To listen to this Tele-Conference online, you must have an audio program installed on your computer. (Most newer computers already have this program.) If you click on the link in Step 2 below that says, "Click here to listen," and you get an error message, that most likely means you don't have the necessary program, and you can download it by clicking here for free. When you click on this download site, a page will come up that has an orange "FREE" button on the right-hand side of the page. Click the "FREE" button, and another page will come up. On that page, click on the orange "Download" button and follow the instructions.

After you download the program, please double-click the icon on your desktop and follow the instructions for installation before attempting to click on the link that follows to listen to the Tele-Conference.

Step 2: Click here to listen to the Tele-Conference (and be sure your speakers are turned on!)

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